• The Most Comfortable Chair You Will Ever Sit In

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The Most Comfortable Chair You Will Ever Sit In

The Story On How The Cloud Chair Was Created Note: The chair depicted in this video is our first version and is no longer available. The current chair design has been drastically improved.

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The Dawn Of Happy Pants and The Cloud Chair

The birth of The Cloud Chair
was sparked in Costa Rica by the founders (Drew and Shelby) of Happy Pants.
What follows is their story:

"Our first evening after landing in Costa Rica was spent in the cloud forest of Monte Verde, where we first saw the hanging chairs that inspired the creation of the Cloud Chair. When we first sat in the hanging chairs, we knew we needed to order a pair for our patio when we returned home. 

 After spending a marvelous week exploring Costa Rica, we returned to the states to find
that we could not order a pair of chairs anywhere. Not only were the chairs not available to order from Costa Rica, there was not even a comparable chair being
made in the US. 

Without hesitation, we decided to make our own chairs with several modifications for extra comfortability and convenience. After weeks of hard work, the first "Cloud Chair" was created. Indeed it was a daunting task, but so worth the time. 

 And then, before we even began working on our second chair, a friend swung by and happened to sit in the chair. After moaning from pure comfort and pleasure, she said, "I'll take four."

That was the dawn of Happy Pants."

The Cloud Chair is the most comfortable chair you will ever experience. You do not simply just sit and go about your business, forgetting what kind of chair you’re sitting in, you sit, and you're instantly overcome with happiness, relief, and amazement at how comfortable you feel.

At the end of your work day, you will probably bypass your wife, husband, kids, and pets to go straight to your Cloud Chair.

We aren't just selling a piece of furniture; we are delivering a happy experience that never fades.

If you buy The Cloud Chair today, the only regret you will have, is that you didn’t order more.

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What Our Happy Pants People Are Saying

"These are so luxurious, beautiful, and amazing!! I am just blown away!"

Linda, 55 from Albuquerque

What Our Happy Pants People Are Saying

"Mmmmm these are so comfortable! My cats would love these too! "

Stephanie, 38 from California

What Our Happy Pants People Are Saying

"These are outstanding! These will go perfect on my wrap around porch."

Jim, 52 from Woodland Park

What Our Happy Pants People Are Saying

"These are the best chairs we have ever seen! They are disgustingly beautiful"

John and Patricia, 72 from Colorado Springs

What Our Happy Pants People Are Saying

"These chairs were calling out to my house! I didn't even need to sit in them to know I would love them!"

Brian, 34 from Texas